Product & Food

I ensure your product receives the perfect lighting, editing and angle to capture its unique selling point; whether that be it’s innovation, beauty, creativity or taste, I will make your product stand out!

Ensure your products stand out.

As the expectation rises for businesses to have a memorable online presence, the need for quality product imagery is more important now than ever. Effective product photography that captures your product’s distinct and special elements can quickly transform an interested individual into a buyer!

With years of experience in all aspects of photography, I have an eye for detail that translates perfectly into product photography. Using a lightbox and an array of professional cameras, I can find the right lighting, angle and positioning to show off the best parts of your product.

If you need spectacular images to match your product, I’d love to discuss your needs with you and help your business shine!

Product & Food Packages

I have photography packages that can meet the needs of any business.

Flexible in my approach, I believe there is always a way I can make it work!

'Basic' Package

Includes - Simple products such as
bottles, jars and sprays

* Conditions apply
From $15 per image
  • Minimum 10 images
  • Background removal (optional extra)
  • Client to arrange drop off
    & pick-up of products

'Medium' Package

Includes - Non-reflective
and uneven shapes.

* Conditions apply
From $25 per image
  • Minimum 10 images
  • Background removal (optional extra)
  • Client to arrange drop off
    & pick-up of products

'Complex' Package

Includes - Metallic, shiny objects,
uneven shapes and food.

* Conditions apply
From $35 per image
  • Minimum 10 images
  • Background removal (optional extra)
  • Client to arrange drop off
    & pick-up of products


I have a lightbox with a variety of coloured backdrops for smaller products. I also have a larger light tent as well as larger backdrops for bigger items. If we need a studio, we can always hire one, as required.

In addition to the product photography equipment, I have a range of lenses that I use depending on the project.

Depending on the client, the business and the products, I am able to photograph your products on location, or you can deliver the products directly to me, and I will photograph them.

Yes. I am able to work with you to understand the needs of your business. Each client has different needs and may want the products deep-etched, on transparent backgrounds, with or without shadows etc.

Yes. I understand that the technical side of photography files may sometimes be a little confusing. I’m always happy to liaise directly with other suppliers that you have to ensure that images are supplied in the right format and file size for your particular needs.

I know that the photography element is often left until the last step in the process, so, I am aware that sometimes there are tight deadlines regarding product photography. I will always discuss your needs and provide you with realistic turnaround times for your images.

Depending on the simplicity or complexity of your products, the editing process and requirements, and so on, the timing will vary. No two jobs are the same.

Yes, I can. I work with a few clients already that want to be able to take photos themselves. Some of my clients have the camera gear and just need some advice to help them get started. Just ask me, and I’m sure we can work something out!

Case studies


“Sophie recently completed our new company photos for our marketing and website, and we couldn’t be happier. Our photos are fantastic! I would highly recommend Sophie for anyone looking for professional, useful and lighthearted shots!”

– Bridget Costelloe, Red Rhombus

“Sophie B has been a godsend to our professional individual and team photo game, and I will use her services forever. Amazing quality product, and you just can’t help smiling and feeling very relaxed with Sophie B. She has a heart of gold.”

– Michelle Hyslop, Seabeauty Medispa

“Sophie has done several company portrait shoots for me, and each time, the results have been exactly what I wanted and more! Sophie really knows how to capture people, which is such a specialised talent.”

– Sarah Yarrow, Sarah Yarrow Interiors

“Sophie & her team were with us the entire day & she captured every moment possible, from start till end. Sophie ensured all people were included, in particular those that we wanted special photos with. All the photos taken were amazing!” 

– Cassandra Davenport, Bride