TT Angle Divider


The TT Angle Divider has been created by Dr John Lewis. The TT Angle Divider is a tool that allows you to accurately trisect an angle using one tool. I was approached by Chana, Owl & Monk, Dr Lewis’ website designer to work with them on this project. The brief was to create a time-lapse video showing the working of the tool, individual product photos and a portrait of Dr John Lewis.


I met with Dr Lewis at his home office and I brought with me all the necessary paraphernalia that I would possibly need for the photo session. We used a black background and a camera on a tripod to record the time-lapse and I photographed Dr Lewis on his balcony. I brought the TT-Angle Divider and the book home with me so that I could photograph them individually in the light tent. On approval of the range of images, I then created individual images of the photos on a transparent background, with and without shadows so that they could be used in a variety of circumstances into the future.


On final approval of the 2-minute time-lapse video and the creation of the individual product photos, I supplied the final collection to Dr Lewis and Owl & Monk. Owl & Monk then uploaded the images to the website. To celebrate the launch of the new website, we met together at a cafe for Owl & Monk to press “LIVE” together!