The Daisie Chain


Emma is the brain behind the Daisie Chain. Emma is an incredible human being with a fabulous story to tell. I was immediately connected with Emma when I met her for our initial photo session at a park in Miranda. The Daisie Chain provides music, movement and entertainment classes to the aged care and disability sector. Emma required photos of her for her business and to start to promote her business online.


We met at the park and we played! Emma and I had a lot of fun during the session and I smile every time I see the images that we created together. During the shoot, Emma shared her story with me and explained how committed she is to growing her business and the adaptations that she has made to be able to continue to provide her services to the aged care and disability facilities during this pandemic.


Emma was thrilled with the images and recently contacted me to do another photo session as she is a finalist in the Local Westfield Hero’s for 2021. I met Emma at Cronulla for an outdoor photo session and we had a lot of fun at another playground creating more images for The Daisie Chain. These images have successfully been used to promote the Daisie Chain in the Westfield campaign. In addition, Emma asked me to capture photos of her new book, Memories, that is being created for dementia patients. I created a series of styled product images that promote the book on The Daisie Chain website.