Red Rhombus is a new approach to managing IT. Red Rhombus partners with the clients to ensure that they are providing the best possible IT solutions for your individual business. The brief for Red Rhombus came through Emroy Creative Group. So, we had a number of discussions in relation to their imagery requirements and we coordinated the photo shoot on location at one of the clients that Red Rhombus manage the IT.


On the day, we had a detailed shot list so that we coordinate the individuals to be ready and available at the time we needed them. We created a number of images in various locations throughout the building. We needed to capture headshots of the team members, as well as client meetings in boardrooms, at the desk and then in the warehouse. In the warehouse, we arranged images of the warehouse, in the computer room and in the assembly area. We also went off-site to capture images of the Red Rhombus management team engaging in a meeting at a local cafe.

Following the photo session, I created a gallery of images for the client to select their ‘favourites’. On final selection, I then processed the images so that they were ready to upload to the website. I worked closely with Emroy Creative Group during this process to ensure that the images were provided in the correct format and size.


Together with all the parties, we were able to achieve a complete list of images suitable for the website. Together with the client and their Creative Agency, I was delighted to create a collection of images that now make Red Rhombus’ website look clean, modern and authentic. Real people doing real work.