Ms Penny’s Tutoring


Ms Penny’s Tutoring is a small tutoring business based in Miranda. I was approached by Ms Penny herself to create a series of images of her business for her new website and social media campaign. At the time, Ms Penny’s Tutoring was working closely with Studio Two Fold for the design of the website and with Melissa Gerke, Copywriter to create written content. I was engaged to create the imagery. To ensure that I was able to capture a range of tutors and students engaging in the services provided, we agreed that we needed to cover the photoshoot over a couple of sessions.


I attended Ms Penny’s Tutoring a couple of times to photograph Ms Penny, the tutors and the students. My goal was to capture a range of authentic images showing the real-life scenario that children experience. At the time, the studio was painted red, however, with the new branding, the wall colour needed to be changed to green, which I was able to do in post-processing. Every project is unique and has its own challenges, and I pride myself on calmly working with the Client and all relevant parties to ensure the goals are reached.


A lovely collection of images that Ms Penny has been able to supply her Agency with to complete the brand new website and Social Media campaigns. The range of photos that were captured allow for images to be used repeatedly to reinforce the message of the business; to create individual, result-driven, independent learners.