Metro Grill


Metro Grill, is a chargrilled chicken takeaway shop located in Menai. I would frequently pop into Metro Grill for a coffee when I was photographing a jeweller’s product located nearby. One day, Tino asked if I could photograph food and I said, “Yes. Of Course!” A few days later, I was in the corner of the store with my light tent creating imagery for the new signboard of food choices. I worked for several hours with the Metro Grill team to capture the images.


I edited the individual images of the food choices to create real-life looking images. They needed to be perfect, so editing included the removal of small droplets of sauce or particles of bread. I enjoyed doing the photoshoot and eating some of the items too!


Metro Grill provided the images to their supplier who then put the images together for the sign-board. The outcome was an awesome in-store display of their products (ie. not stock images) that give the customers a real sample of what the food items actually look like. The feedback from Metro Grill has been tremendous.