Melissa Gerke Copywriting

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I met Melissa Gerke, Copywriter through SSO4B. Melissa had only recently launched her business and website when I met her. I met Melissa at her office and we captured a variety of poses to be posted on her website. Melissa was thrilled with the first set of images and recently asked me to do another photo session to capture more photos for her business.


Melissa has been working with Studio Two Fold who have created a new logo and branding for her copywriting business. So, when we did the photo session, we wanted to create images that reflected the new, fresh and engaging branding. We matched this branding by planning an outdoor photo shoot. Melissa works with the trades, so we chose a location where we could have buildings under construction in the background. We also wanted some neutral imagery, so we found a space that was clean and well-lit for a natural outdoor headshot.


The collection of images from both photo sessions have been used by Melissa Gerke for her website and social media. One of the key aspects of the relationship that I’ve built with Melissa Gerke is that I am a local business working with a local business. Melissa and I have continued to meet at local networking events and we’ve also been able to refer business to each other. This has been one of the most rewarding parts of my photography project; building connections within the community in a very organic way.