Linkd Tourism


Linkd Tourism builds brands through the extensive network of wholesalers, travel agents, travel trade and media. I have worked with Linkd Tourism for a few years, having met Kylee through events that I photographed for Visit USA. I was invited to photograph the team at their office in Surry Hills. The idea was to capture the staff in a ‘traditional way and to create a second image of each individual with a focus on who they are. We had a number of conversations prior to the shoot to ensure that we were prepared and able to efficiently and effectively capture the images for the staff.

The brief also included capturing some photos of the staff ‘at work’ in the office as well as some fun team photos.


I arrived at the shoot with my camera kit, backdrops, additional lighting and a photography assistant. In this scenario, the office had a lot of natural lighting from the windows and I was able to use this light as part of my creative process. We also had a time slot for each staff member to come to the office, as some staff worked off-site or interstate. The team arranged the photo session on a day that all the staff from Linkd Tourism were in Sydney, and they followed the photo session with a team celebration together that evening. I provided an online gallery to Linkd Tourism so that they could individually select their images.


Together with Linkd Tourism I created a fun, engaging, natural series of photos. The images have been used on the website and allow visitors to the page to find out more about the individual team members. The other images that we captured are also included on their website.