Inspiya Yoga


Nic Whiteman from Inspiya Yoga contacted me to do a photo session as part of my photography project. Initially, I met Nic at the yoga studio and we did the shoot. Keen to build her online yoga business, Nic asked me to do another photo session for Inspiya Yoga.


The brief for the SSO4B project was to create three images in 30 minutes, so I did this. Nic was very happy with the results and has used them on her Social Media posts and her website. In order to create the extra images, Nic was keen to have a wide variety of poses captured for the session. We worked with a list of poses that ensured that we were able to photograph a variety of images. To be usable for social media we wanted to have images with negative space so that words and logos could be added for promotions across the social media platforms.


The outcome was a wonderful collection of fresh and authentic images for Inspiya Yoga to use for their campaigns to promote their services on digital media platforms. Nic has indicated that she would like to continue to work together in the future to be able to have updated imagery for her business. I look forward to it!