Fast Mama Tribe


Lindell from the Fast Mama Tribe, is dedicated to helping people achieve their goal weight and then maintaining it. Driven by her own personal success story of weight-loss, Lindell engaged me to be part of the journey by asking me to photograph her when her ‘Wedding Weight’ was reached. I had the privilege of photographing Lindell’s wedding some years ago, so, of course I said yes.

Lindell had a mission and a very long list! We arranged the photo session for a couple of days, to fit in with her work commitments and her family. We organised for one session at her home to capture the authentic, real-life, Lindell in action and another day, off-site, at a park to photograph Lindell in the outdoors.


The photo sessions were successful and produced a wide range of images that Lindell has used for her business. Lindell and I planned the photo sessions, to maximise the time we had together for the shoot. We had props ready to go, in the office, in the kitchen, in the living room and so on. Lindell had also arranged a variety of outfit changes for the sessions.

We had a lot of fun and laughter on location and we were on a mission to create awesome images that would help her business grow.


The outcome for Fast Mama Tribe was a large library of images that have been used throughout all of the contact points with Clients. The website is filled with images, the newsletter communications use the images. I touch base with Lindell on an ongoing basis and she continually refers to the images and how they have helped grow her business. The planning into the variety of images that needed to be captured was worthwhile and the images continued to be used throughout the digital communication campaigns that are implemented.