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Excell Window


Excell Window is the manufacturer of metallic frameworks, metallic constructions, window installations and window supplies. The brief for Excell Window was to create a series of images to be used in a variety of marketing activities. I met with the team from Excell Window on a series of days that we allocated for the photo sessions. Excell Window required imagery of their work, as seen on site, therefore we travelled across Sydney to capture their workmanship.


On each of the days that we did the shoot, I needed to keep my camera kit well stocked with the equipment that I needed to be able to ensure that we could move about easily. I used a variety of lenses depending on the wide-angle versus detailed imagery that I needed to capture.

As we were given access to some of the properties, I needed to work fast, effectively and efficiently. On occasion, I also used HDR techniques, by photographing the architectural structures on a tripod to ensure that the details of the structures were recorded. In post-production I needed to zoom into the images in a micro-level to remove any forms of distractions, such as orange bags on balconies, bright red cushions in windows etc. The images needed to be as spic-&-span as possible to show-off the work of Excell Window.


The outcome was a library of images that Excell Window can now use to show future clients. A series of art boards were also created to display in the showrooms located in Condell Park. These art boards needed to be produced in a very short period of time. Due to my relationships with my suppliers, I was able to meet these strict timelines. I have an ongoing relationship with Excell Window and I look forward to future opportunities to work with them.