Sitting with Sophie, on a beautiful afternoon on her back deck, is beaming with the news of how her new website is performing. Having launched in November 2021, the new website is in collaboration with Emroy Creative Group located in Sutherland.

November 2021

November 2021 was a huge month for Sophie. For her 12-year anniversary, Sophie decided to splurge on her business, and rebuilt her website. Who better to ask to look after her revamp, than Emily Olguin from Emroy Creative Group?

Emily and Sophie had met on several occasions at different networking events throughout the Sutherland Shire. They’ve also caught up with one another at events, like the Sutherland Shire Business Awards, where they’ve both been finalists several years running.

Emily and Emroy

“Emily is so approachable.”

Sophie becomes serious though. “Having come from agency land, and even though Emroy is a smaller creative group, I am really impressed with their processes and systems.”

Meeting Emily at Sweet Mayhem in Sutherland (and a small shout out to the team at Sweet Mayhem), Sophie believes the fit between Sophie B Photography and Emroy was “just right”.

Highlighting what’s important

Sophie’s excited with the new look website, spotlighting all her services. Most excitedly, Sophie is looking forward to having a portfolio of her work. “I’ve been working on my lonesome in the background, doing my thing, and I haven’t been shouting it out from the rooftops. The marketing girl in me, tells me that I have to tell people what I do.”

With the popularity of her work, with Sutherland Shire Open 4 Business, more people are contacting her through her website, and the website wasn’t demonstrating her current portfolio and who she is.


“I love weddings, take me to a wedding!”

Sophie has loved going to weddings since she was a little girl.

“I just love them. I love the culture of them. I love family reunions. I just love the fanfare of weddings big or small. I love everything about them. I love turning up and getting photos of the bride. I love meeting the family.”

A picture makes a thousand words, and “I’m sure there are many stories you can take.” Sophie smiles. “Take that snapshot!”

In the events page, I question her about the Marquee package, which is focused more on the personal events that the corporate ones. “I love to party. I like being on the dance floor with everybody!

Written by Jacinta Marshall, Purple Biz