Paying it forward

Sophie enjoys paying it forward, and in a time of Covid 19, lockdowns and cancellations of events and weddings, all of these being Sophie’s main income source, she turned to the community.

Coffee Chats?

Sophie, who enjoys reminding everyone how to pronounce her name by saying “Sophie, Toffee, Coffee”, created the Sophie Coffee Chats in March 2020. When everyone was going into lockdown, she provided contact with those around her in her photography circles.

These weekly meetings have provided socialisation for friends and acquaintances that she has met through the Society, but also through her business, Sophie B Photography. Giving helpful tips and ideas for photography, from understanding ISO settings to working on the subject matter itself.

Supporting Local

At the same time, Sophie saw a need in the Shire for businesses being highlighted that were still open for business throughout the lockdown.

“It was just an idea that I had. It was about 11 o’clock at night, like mid-April 2020. I just got online and registered as a business name, I bought the domain name, and said to myself I’m just going to go out there and do it. And I did.”

Taking photos of these businesses, Sophie’s project started: Sutherland Shire Open 4 Business.

Sophie offered to complete the first 100 for free, including giving three photos to the client, and posting for three weeks, a weekly spot on her social media. In fact, it was a generous value of $55,000 in free services that Sophie provided to the first 100 local businesses.

Since then, the project still has active posts and new businesses joining. Sophie now has her Sophie Coffee Chats, but there’s a new version now, instead of webinars, Sophie hosts face to face sessions, both in the form of workshops and walkabout.

Wandering forward

Sophie delivered over 60 Coffee Chat Webinars between March 2020 and March 2022 and is now excited about the new series of events including face to face workshops and “Wonder Wander” workshops in the local area of the Sutherland Shire.

Her support has seen many of these photographers in her group start photography projects of their own, focusing on specific places, items, colours, and themes.

Sophie is currently working on a series of Workshops in the months ahead, so, stay tuned!

Written by Jacinta Marshall, Purple Biz